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Another Update On Sycophant Hex

So we're slowly getting there. Chaos, Lumos and Eros & Sappho are now working. You should be able to log in, read and post.

Unfortunately Ashwinder and Occlumency are still down. We currently are running 1.1 efiction on those two boards, which means we may have to upgrade to a newer version of efiction before those can start working. There are a couple of problems with this. In the past the webmistress has tried to update both archives but because of the large amount of accounts (many which are inactive) there were a lot of issues.

One way to resolve that would be to delete all of the accounts which are not author accounts. We would then be able to upgrade and not have the massive database failure issues that were a problem in the past. But a lot of reviews would either go annoymouse or be lost when we purged the non author accounts. And of course readers would have to register again.

The other is to continue to let Nexcess play with things... Now they really have gone above and beyond what is normally needed as in the past there was someone on staff with Sycophant Hex who knew how to do things. Unfortuntately that is not the case, there is just me and I honestly know jack squat. So please, do not rampage on them, they've been helpful beyond measure, even given that this is the holiday season.

I've had some wonderful advice from people, to whom I thank heartily, and may be asking more inane questions, like how to do a fresh back up, how to purge things and how to upgrade. You may well get sick of me, but I am determined to get things. I really think the smart thing would be to purge and upgrade, because the upgrade would allow us to do things that petulant poetess and whispers can do with the their sites.

Now I've got a lot of reading and researching to do, because... well if it's going to be done, it's going to be done by me. It may take a bit of time but again, please be patient.

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