celisnebula (celisnebula) wrote in sycophant_hex,

Still Not Much of an Update...

So I haven't heard anything. Like anything at all. I email to ask how bad the situation was, but... well *crickets in the background.*

I don't know if what we currently have is salvageable. I dearly hope it is. But as I haven't heard anything I just don't know.

If we can't use what we've been using, I will find another format that works - even if I have to reach out to other fandom archives to see what they are using to operate and we will go from there. I just need to know which route to take, and since I haven't heard anything I'm at a stand still.

It sucks... and I hate that it is causing problems for our authors who do want to update and our readers whom want to read. Again, once I know anything, I will relay that information here because you guys are as invested in Sycophant Hex as I am and I know it's frustrating to be getting nowhere.

Tags: server status
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