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Sycophant Hex

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Ashwinder is down.. [ Thursday  
May 09  19:41am

[ mood | aggravated ]

I was trying to fix an error that Nexcess sent and apparently I've killed everything.

I have sent out a help request to Nexcess to help me fix what I fucked up. Occlumency and the rest are all good... just Aswinder is FUBARed right now.


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Efiction software [ Thursday  
January 10  19:53pm

Is there anyone who is familiar with efiction software that might be able to help us edit it so it has a cpatcha feature to keep spam bots down?
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Well I was have a Merry Christmas.... [ Tuesday  
December 25  18:09pm

I hate to be a downer on Christmas, but it looks as if the site is down.

No, I don't know why, other than Nexcess emailed me last night about some spam bots and something they were blocking.... hopefully the fix is as easy as them unblocking whatever it is they blocked.

Does anyone on here know how to update efiction to add captcha to it so we can get real people not spam bots that try to kill the site?

I don't know how long this will take to fix. Sorry everyone.
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Sycophant Hex Web Hosting Fees [ Friday  
May 18  18:55pm

[ mood | tired ]

It's that time of the year again. Hopefully it won't be like the last two years, where I've paid the webhosting bill and the next day the site goes down. *knock on wood*

Thanks to everyone's generousity, we raised raised a little over $150.00 with the pitchin widget, which with what we had left over from last year eeked us out to just at the bill for this year. When the domain fee comes due in another two weeks, I'll foot that.

Sycophant Hex has always been free to use, and it is because of your generous nature that we are able to continue to support a place where you can find the fan fiction you would like to read for free.

I've created a new pitchin widget for those of you whom are kind enough to help fund the site.

As always, we understand if you are unable to donate - heck life can sometimes suck the marrow right from your bones, so if you haven't the funds, please don't sweat it. I'm just glad we can be here for another year!

If you have any questions, please contact the help desk at sh.userhelp at gmail.com.

The direct link is (in case the widget is unavailable or wonky): http://pitchinbox.com/redirect.php?id=1365609333

And of course you can always donate directly through send a friend money on PayPal via sh.userhelp at gmail dot com email address.

Thank you so very much, Celisnebula

Here is the widget to donate through:

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Site Currently Down [ Wednesday  
March 14  18:47am

[ mood | stressed ]

Hello Everyone,

Last night, I messed up. I was trying to ban the IP address of a spammer and must have done something wrong because now the whole dang thing is down. I have contacted Nexcess to see if what I did can be undone. If not, the last back up was done a few months ago, I will have them reset to that back up - although it means some of the newer stories and chapters might be lost.



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Donations for larilee [ Saturday  
September 09  17:21am

larilee passed away very unexpectedly last month. Many have asked if we could do a donation in her name. I've created a widget for that purpose to run until Jan 1, 2018. At that time, we will split up the funds between a couple of the organizations that she supported, one being the Asthma foundation as well as other's that her brother David believes she would be behind.

Direct link: http://pitchinbox.com/redirect.php?id=6253172086

Thank you!

*grr* Not sure why the widget itself won't pop up like it's supposed to.
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[ Monday  
August 14  17:55pm

[ mood | pensive ]

Sycophant Hex is currently up and running.

We've made several backups of the site... an old one from 2015 which was used to root out the malware, a back up of everything before David started removing source codes line by line, and two for other back ups just in case. We'll be keeping the 2015 back up for guidance in case this happens again.

If you notice anything hinky that use to work before we had the malware problem, please email the help desk. That way if something that was tagged as Malware and got deleted that shouldn't have been can be replaced. I am still looking into updating both Ashwinder and Occlumency since the older version of efiction (mostly on Ashwinder) is where the infected files were put. If anyone is well versed in efiction - please email me either via livejournal, facebook, my personal email or the sh.userhelp gmail address - I want to know if what I was told in the past about upgrading those two archives is still valid and if so what can we do to make it work?

Finally, carecrystal was kind enough to send a flower arrangement to the funeral for larilee on Sycophant Hex's behalf. I know others have expressed interest in other ways we could pay tribute to this wonderful woman. Please leave your suggestions here and if they are feasible, I will find away to put something into place.


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Update... We Should *knock on wood* Be Up and Running Soon! [ Thursday  
August 10  17:06am

[ mood | sad ]

I'm not gonna lie, it was apparently really bad malware.

larilee's brother has been going through all the files and killing the infected directories, added extra files, and links that hot link you to somewhere else that isn't Sycophant Hex.

He's also given me much needed advice on how to be vigilant so this doesn't happen again (like backing up offline every two months or so on an external hard drive and things of that nature). Which means we shouldn't (hopefully) need to go to another platform.

We're still not sure how the breach happened, but we're assuming it was an old admin account - so I've gone and deleted any accounts that should no longer be used and asked the admins that are left to update their passwords.

Now we just have to wait for Nexcess to view us and tell us if we're good to go or not.

*fingers crossed*

Edit: Please, say a prayer for larilee! Apparently last night she had a severe asthma attack and quit breathing, which lead to her needing to be resuscitated. The latest word is if she survives she would likely have brain damage. Malware destruction is on hold while David deals with this... so it may be just a little bit longer than we thought.

Edit 2: It is with a heavy heart that I say that larilee has passed away. She was a wonderful author and administrator of Sycophant Hex and she will be deeply missed.

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Still Not Much of an Update... [ Thursday  
June 22  17:06pm

So I haven't heard anything. Like anything at all. I email to ask how bad the situation was, but... well *crickets in the background.*

I don't know if what we currently have is salvageable. I dearly hope it is. But as I haven't heard anything I just don't know.

If we can't use what we've been using, I will find another format that works - even if I have to reach out to other fandom archives to see what they are using to operate and we will go from there. I just need to know which route to take, and since I haven't heard anything I'm at a stand still.

It sucks... and I hate that it is causing problems for our authors who do want to update and our readers whom want to read. Again, once I know anything, I will relay that information here because you guys are as invested in Sycophant Hex as I am and I know it's frustrating to be getting nowhere.

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Update (or rather not much of one but a little more info) [ Wednesday  
May 31  17:01am

[ mood | exhausted ]

I finally got a nibble on the requests for help I sent out and there is someone looking at the site to see if they can fix it.

I know everyone is frustrated that they haven't the ability to read, and I am sorry that I haven't the ability to fix this myself. It had worked perfectly fine the Wednesday night, last week, when I paid the darn Nexcess hosting bill for the next year.

Right now, I don't think we need more funds, but thank you to everyone that has offered. If that changes I will definitely let you know.

I wish I had more knowledge of what was going on, but all I can say is that someone has agreed to look at the site and hopefully we can have some progress on being up and running soon.

Thank you,

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Site Down [ Thursday  
May 18  17:48pm

I just received word that Nexcess has taken Sycophant Hex offline because it's been infected with Malware that is attacking the server.

I am not at home, I'm currently away at a funeral and am not in a position to do anything right now - and really I don't know how to fix this. I have reached out to the person that helped us last time we had an issue and hopefully they can help. If not, when I return from the funeral I am more than willing to take any help I can get.

Sad thing is I just paid the darn bill for 2017/2018 last night.

Here is a copy of the email in case someone knows how to fix this issue:

Read more...Collapse )
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Update... [ Tuesday  
April 07  15:14am

I first off wanted to say that I am sorry it's taken me so long to do another update on the site's situation. RL has been insane - various issues from work, family, and computer problems have pretty much limited my online time to trying to field emails, which of course has limited me in a lot of ways.

Nexcess did a server upgrade which unfortunately did not mesh well with the version of efiction we run. Luckily, bonsaibetz's husband was kind enough to help and get is back on track. Everything should be running correctly on all of the archives.

If you do notice any problems, please email the help desk.

Thank you,
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Slowly getting there [ Wednesday  
January 21  15:07pm

[ mood | hopeful ]

Thanks entirely to bonsaibetz's lovely husband we do have some access on Ashwinder. It may still be a bit of time before we are fully functional again, so please be patient awhil longer.

*posting while on break, so running back to work*


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Still Down on Ashwinder and Occlumency [ Monday  
January 12  15:56pm

[ mood | morose ]

So I finally heard back from Nexcess today. On the advice of one of the old webmistresses, I had sent them an email basically asking this:

I've been given advice from one of the old webmistresses on how to fix the problems with Ashwinder and Occlumency that is this...

Delete ALL NON-authors on Ashwinder and Occlumency archives. Have NEXCESS do this for you. It will mean 1) them doing a full backup on the ash and Occ databases; then 2) them going into the databases and identifying how authors and non-authors are categorized (i.e., what makes them different from each other); then them removing ONLY the users who are NOT authors.

Once this is done, you can upgrade. Again, Nexcess is who should also update the software, once the above is done. They will probably want to charge you for the software update, but the fee should be small.

Is this something that can be done by Nexcess?

Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be something that they can do.

I do thank everyone who has tried to give web admin advice through email, but I really don't understand half of what was written in the email nor would I even know much of what I could attempt.

The site will be down for a bit longer... I'm trying to fix it as fast as I can, but I do really work three jobs, so I unfortauntely can't get things done as fast as everyone else would like, and for that I must apologize, I know that it is extremely frustrating for everyone.

bonsaibetz I don't actually have a day off until Sunday, but I definitely will take you up on your husbands generous offer... it can't hurt to have him look at everything.

For the non authors... as I can't even access anything in Occlumency or Ashwinder, so I don't think favorites will be saveable. Again, I really don't know as I'm only a 1/3 of the way through reading how efiction even works.

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Another Update On Sycophant Hex [ Tuesday  
December 30  14:22am

[ mood | optimistic ]

So we're slowly getting there. Chaos, Lumos and Eros & Sappho are now working. You should be able to log in, read and post.

Unfortunately Ashwinder and Occlumency are still down. We currently are running 1.1 efiction on those two boards, which means we may have to upgrade to a newer version of efiction before those can start working. There are a couple of problems with this. In the past the webmistress has tried to update both archives but because of the large amount of accounts (many which are inactive) there were a lot of issues.

One way to resolve that would be to delete all of the accounts which are not author accounts. We would then be able to upgrade and not have the massive database failure issues that were a problem in the past. But a lot of reviews would either go annoymouse or be lost when we purged the non author accounts. And of course readers would have to register again.

The other is to continue to let Nexcess play with things... Now they really have gone above and beyond what is normally needed as in the past there was someone on staff with Sycophant Hex who knew how to do things. Unfortuntately that is not the case, there is just me and I honestly know jack squat. So please, do not rampage on them, they've been helpful beyond measure, even given that this is the holiday season.

I've had some wonderful advice from people, to whom I thank heartily, and may be asking more inane questions, like how to do a fresh back up, how to purge things and how to upgrade. You may well get sick of me, but I am determined to get things. I really think the smart thing would be to purge and upgrade, because the upgrade would allow us to do things that petulant poetess and whispers can do with the their sites.

Now I've got a lot of reading and researching to do, because... well if it's going to be done, it's going to be done by me. It may take a bit of time but again, please be patient.


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Another Update... [ Friday  
December 26  14:43pm

[ mood | depressed ]

Unfortuately, I haven't heard anything from Nexcess since earlier in the week regarding our situation. I've reached out to a couple of people in fandom that I thought might be able to help, but have either gotten the response that they have no idea how to help, or worse no response at all. I've gone emailed a couple of the technical shop owners in my area to see if there might be something they can do to help because things are going so slowly with Nexcess - but again, I'm still waiting for responses. It's a bad case I me emailing and then having to wait, because this time of year is always a hard one - people are busy with family stuff.

Again, I do wish I was technically savvy enough to fix the problems myself, but I'm not and I'm afraid if I try I might muck things up to the point were we couldn't return, which would be horrible. But I will do everything I can to get Sycophant Hex back up again.


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Update... [ Wednesday  
December 17  14:43pm

[ mood | frustrated ]

We are still, unfortunately down. It does not look like all of the subdomain information (which is stories and accounts and the like) were properly moved over when the server moved. Nexcess has been aprised of the situation and they are working to resolve it... I know we have everything backed up, so if they can't restore it, I will find someone with website knowledge to help outside of nexcess. I am sorry this is taking so long to resolve.


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Sycophant Hex [ Friday  
December 12  14:43pm

Please be patient with us for a few days. Nexcess is moving our server and our DNS so there might be some hic-ups as this process runs down.

Thank you,

Update: There are still some problems with the site, the DNS didn't all get change properly or something (I really don't understand all the technical details). I've emailed the nexcess support, as they were supposed to make sure everything updated properly. When I know more, I will post here.

Sorry for the delay everyone... We will be back up and running as soon as possible.

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Affiliate: HP Fanfic Fan Poll - Fall/Winter Round 2014 - Nominations open now [ Thursday  
October 09  14:32pm

Originally posted by hpfanficfanpoll



Rules, Timelines, and How to Nominate a Fic

To Make Nominations/Ask Questions: hpfanficfanpollmod@gmail.com

Nomination period: October 1st - October 28th, 2014
Voting period: November 1st - December 31st, 2014
Winners announced: by January 15th, 2015


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[ Wednesday  
May 21  14:58pm

We're currently having some issues with the phpBB forum for Sycophant Hex and it's causing the main site to go down. I've been told the new update for phpBB should stop some of these problems but I wouldn't know how to go about doing an update...

Any advice?
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