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Originally posted by celisnebula at SUNDAY LOVIN PROMPT AND WEEKLY ROLL CALL NOVEMBER 28th TO December 4thHi everyone! Welcome to potterpostings!

This Sunday's Prompt is:

I've been in an Indianan Jones mood... so, lets do a spin and make it a story related to Curse Breaking.

You have until Midnight, Saturday, December 3rd to have something posted - be it your livejournal, a fan-fiction community, or whatnot.
Anyone can play - there's no official need to sign up, if it inspires you, well go forth and be creative!
Those who are playing - you have until Midnight the following Saturday to post. Once you've posted, follow the community rules and leave us a shout out in that weeks roll call.
Word count is completely open - just be sure to follow any community rules to places you post that are not your own livejournal (ie - if posting to an archive, follow their minimum word count limit). And if it inspires you to do art, or create a vid, or even make some icons, well that's completely cool too!
Have fun! This should be a no pressure way to get the creative juices flowing.

Thank you, and have a lovely new week,
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