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Farewell OWL...

It is with great sadness that I post this.

On OWL's main page, Sunday, April 1st, users were greeted with this message:

Global: Tauri.org is closing on 4-30-2012
As of 4-30-2012, tauri.org will be closing - for several reasons, not the least of which is hardware. The machine has been running 24x7 since the site first went live, and has clearly been showing its age. It will continue to be checked and rebooted daily until the end of the month. At that time, it will be powered off. Any information needed from the site (stories, reviews, etc.) must be collected before that time.

Link: http://owl.tauri.org/index.php

As someone who has met some lovely writers and volunteers from OWL/CAT, this hits especially hard. I cannot express my profound grief - and while the ration part of me understands that real life, hardware issues, and all of that does often happen, it still strikes me to the core.

As many have already said, losing OWL and CAT will be a terribly loss, and I cannot stress how much we (authors and readers) shall miss it. Thank you, Potion Mistress, and of course her lovely staff of volunteers, who created a wonderful archive for all of us to share the love of the Harry Potter as well as other fandoms.

There are some wonderful stories archived at OWL and CAT, and I dearly hope that some of these authors choose to post their work elsewhere - so that future fannish friends can find these stories and come to love them as much as we all have. Some of the places to post would be Sycophant Hex, the Petulant Poetess, and an Archive of Our Own.

For writers who have only ever posted at OWL or at CAT, please consider archiving over at Sycophant Hex. Chaos is comparable to CAT, and the rest of the archives, Ashwinder, Lumos, Occlumency, and Eros and Sappho will accommodate the Harry Potter stories.

If you email the help desk (sh.userhelp at gmail dot com), we can get you posted right away, without a lengthy queue time as your chapters have already gone through the corrections process. In addition, if requested, we can help transition your stories over from OWL/CAT to one of the Sycophant Hex archives. THIS applies to AUTHORS only. We will not host any of OWL/CAT's stories without explicit permission of the author to do so. No amount of appeals or pleas to the help desk will make us circumvent an author's right to post where they wish. Nor will we take kindly to another entity posting someone else's story on our site.

For more update information, please follow up on: owl_tauri

Thank you,
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