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Another Update...

Unfortuately, I haven't heard anything from Nexcess since earlier in the week regarding our situation. I've reached out to a couple of people in fandom that I thought might be able to help, but have either gotten the response that they have no idea how to help, or worse no response at all. I've gone emailed a couple of the technical shop owners in my area to see if there might be something they can do to help because things are going so slowly with Nexcess - but again, I'm still waiting for responses. It's a bad case I me emailing and then having to wait, because this time of year is always a hard one - people are busy with family stuff.

Again, I do wish I was technically savvy enough to fix the problems myself, but I'm not and I'm afraid if I try I might muck things up to the point were we couldn't return, which would be horrible. But I will do everything I can to get Sycophant Hex back up again.

Tags: admins, server status
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