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Still Down on Ashwinder and Occlumency

So I finally heard back from Nexcess today. On the advice of one of the old webmistresses, I had sent them an email basically asking this:

I've been given advice from one of the old webmistresses on how to fix the problems with Ashwinder and Occlumency that is this...

Delete ALL NON-authors on Ashwinder and Occlumency archives. Have NEXCESS do this for you. It will mean 1) them doing a full backup on the ash and Occ databases; then 2) them going into the databases and identifying how authors and non-authors are categorized (i.e., what makes them different from each other); then them removing ONLY the users who are NOT authors.

Once this is done, you can upgrade. Again, Nexcess is who should also update the software, once the above is done. They will probably want to charge you for the software update, but the fee should be small.

Is this something that can be done by Nexcess?

Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be something that they can do.

I do thank everyone who has tried to give web admin advice through email, but I really don't understand half of what was written in the email nor would I even know much of what I could attempt.

The site will be down for a bit longer... I'm trying to fix it as fast as I can, but I do really work three jobs, so I unfortauntely can't get things done as fast as everyone else would like, and for that I must apologize, I know that it is extremely frustrating for everyone.

bonsaibetz I don't actually have a day off until Sunday, but I definitely will take you up on your husbands generous offer... it can't hurt to have him look at everything.

For the non authors... as I can't even access anything in Occlumency or Ashwinder, so I don't think favorites will be saveable. Again, I really don't know as I'm only a 1/3 of the way through reading how efiction even works.
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