celisnebula (celisnebula) wrote in sycophant_hex,

Sycophant Hex is currently up and running.

We've made several backups of the site... an old one from 2015 which was used to root out the malware, a back up of everything before David started removing source codes line by line, and two for other back ups just in case. We'll be keeping the 2015 back up for guidance in case this happens again.

If you notice anything hinky that use to work before we had the malware problem, please email the help desk. That way if something that was tagged as Malware and got deleted that shouldn't have been can be replaced. I am still looking into updating both Ashwinder and Occlumency since the older version of efiction (mostly on Ashwinder) is where the infected files were put. If anyone is well versed in efiction - please email me either via livejournal, facebook, my personal email or the sh.userhelp gmail address - I want to know if what I was told in the past about upgrading those two archives is still valid and if so what can we do to make it work?

Finally, carecrystal was kind enough to send a flower arrangement to the funeral for larilee on Sycophant Hex's behalf. I know others have expressed interest in other ways we could pay tribute to this wonderful woman. Please leave your suggestions here and if they are feasible, I will find away to put something into place.

Tags: server
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